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Testing Tradition and Liberating Theology: finding your own voice


There has never been one truth, despite what people claim. Theological ideas have waxed and waned through history, taking conflicting turns with changing leaders, worldviews and political forces.  This fast-paced, lay-friendly book, backed by serious, inquisitive scholarship, follows this maze, shining a spotlight into dark corners and dusty shelves to observe ideas silenced and others declared eternal. As many people walk away from churches that will not face the big questions, this book offers readers permission to think for themselves.

Special Australian price: AUD$ 41 incl. postage in Aust.

"Val Webb has done it again - bringing God-talk out of both the Academy and the Church; and into the everyday. We are all theologians - God is in our midst and we do not need permission to express what that means for us ... This is a brave and challenging book ..."

                                                                                                        The Late Rev. Dr. Nigel Leaves

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"Religion is not primarily a matter of facts in the historical sense;

it is a matter of meanings".                                              Huston Smith

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